Passing Chord

by Ricky Kendall

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Newest collection of songs by Ricky Kendall


released September 1, 2015

Ashley Wilkinson & Russel on Bass
Ricky Kendall on Vox, Guitar and Keys
David Cook on Pedal Steel
Andrew Cook on Violins
Neil Duncan- Engineer, drums and Electric guitars


all rights reserved



Ricky Kendall Gainesville, Florida

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: Transport
Johnny got himself a little crotch rocket
a little spending money in his back pocket
a picture of a pretty girl in his wallet he's moving down the highway he's cruising down the highway
Henry has a shiny brand-new gas saver
he's on his way to court to sign divorce papers
his wife is standing stiffer than a pressed collar
marked with someone else's lipstick she says that Henry is a dip shit
Who's that behind the wheel taking the blame
are you on autopilot mode or driving someone else insane
Little Carrie wrecked her bike at 8:30
So all she got for Christmas was a bit dirty
she didn't ride again until her mid 40s
she found a bike on craigslist and she always wears a helmet
Benjamin is sailing on a good feeling
he sunk a bunch of money now he's just a floating
he says his life is better when he's out reeling no one ever sees him
if you catch him you released him
Who's that taking control who's at the helm
because I swear I don't know how to drive this stupid thing myself
I like walking by the old buildings
I wonder if the payphones there still working
these shoes were made for walking in time killing I'm moving down the sidewalk and I'm listening to the trees talk
Track Name: Open Arms
What am I to do with these open arms
could you come and save my soul tonight like you have 1000 times
hold my hand
help me understand what I need to know
to call him my trembling bones
Because I'm high and low
won't you come to me come and hold me
My open arms are like an empty cup so come and bring your love, and fill me up
Because I'm high and low won't you hold me close don't ever let me go my open arms are like an empty cup so come and bring your love come and fill me up
Track Name: Family Tree
When you leave this weary world your spirit flying free
in your trailer you leave behind a lifelong legacy
sin and faith and love and hate are there for all to see
painted on the stretched out canvas of your family
Hand-me-downs that can't be found in boxes or in drawers
are locked away inside the minds of you and all of yours
so if granddad took a liking to the spirits in the drink
you may just have to stay away from the Devils kitchen sink
roots went down into the ground and deep down into me and cursed is everyone who hangs upon a family tree
Don't you try to blame it on the father that you know
that anger started pulsing through your bloodline long ago
greed and every evil Neath the shadow casting morn
are seeds inside of people on the day that we are born
blessing comes from the Lord above and it's closer than your skin
if you let the roots be dug and burned as loving kindling
So if your daddy never took a handout in his life
you may just have to hold a humble hand to kill that pride
Running from the shadows of a very distant past
the sun is setting quicker every day that shadows cast
was I put in jail for something done in someone else's life
I feel the shame I see the blame
I think I got his eyes
blessing only cost you what you carry in your heart
and carrying those curses is going to tear your mind apart
and all these repercussions are a blessing in themselves
for by the shadow we may see which way the sun last fell
roots went down into the ground and deep down into me and cursed is everyone who hangs upon a family tree
Track Name: Greyhound Blues
Long Barren blue stretch of sky in my view the suns reddish rouge such a long and lonely Hue
under the stars the greyhound makes the drive
out of the heart over that South Caroline
All I have is all I'm wearing
I left the state hotheaded swearing nothing ever lasts
Chased away by wild dogs
I made it at the final call and got a boarding pass
I am long Barren blue
Give me some time all
I need is open sky
Day turns tonight
and my heart turns on a dime
the sun setting rouge such a long and lonely Hue
The suns out of sight in the night is coming through
I would like to ride this bus until the wheels begin to rust or till the engine stops Gainesville used to be to me a pick up
now it seems it's just a place to drop me off I'm long barren blue
Track Name: Burning Summer
Alive I see the trees are much greener now
The deep blue twilight after the sun comes out
To say hello to me here in my ghost town
A burning summer has begun
This isn't where I live I must have moved on
And something's telling me to better that I'm gone
I've been walking through the streets a lonely vagabond
Trying to find a love gone wrong
The ghost has opened both of my windows
Hoping was so hopeless when my eyes were closed
In my dreams I've seen a careful crafted color code
Until this mystery is known

I remember clinging to a liar
I was an ember falling from a fire
Colder than I was there deep inside her
There I fell into the soil and there i faded fast

Alive I see the days without number now
Awakened from a dead finite slumber now
To say hello to everything I've dreamed about
Alive I am where I belong
Track Name: A Bad Case
I got rusted out and I could not be found
All my hammers hardened up my one sustain is down
My hands go and ringing hard worn on the floor
I may never play again but I'll be played no more
By the hunger by the throat can you hear me in my sour note
With a crooked neck I sing
If I don't sound too you beautiful will you even hear a thing
I'm strung out in some anger I'm hung up on the wall
Buy my own devices but I swear it's not my fault
He is all brown and broken words all out of wit
Locked and left unspoken because these keys no longer fit
Still I hunger yes I hope
You can find me in this little song I wrote
With a bad case in nothing new
Hold me like you love me still and I will play for you
hold me like a brand-new thing and I believe it's true
Track Name: River Love
Everyone you know we need to learn our lessons young
we're going to grow up tall like a forest of California redwoods
old you say? The soul is older than the body age
but ever younger the heart so you can learn it's never ever too late never too late
Life is unpredictable that's why I think it's beautiful
and it's love it that makes our lives a tale to tell
pain is like a bitter tune that passes like an afternoon
and when the day is done and all the stars are up above you
reflecting on the waterway
you know somebody really loves you
and all the pain just drift away and you sing past your tears
every day we're going to see the whole world change and every once in a while we're going to have to change the way we see it that's not it you know you got to be a part of it we will look the truth in the eyes until our hearts dare to believe it
To believe the time is not a ticking bomb
but a frame to hang our love upon
and love is like a song that I know so well pain can make you run away to a past and more familiar day
when the evening comes today is just a memory
tension in your shoulder blades
and the rivers flowing easy to wipe those tears away
And you sing past your fears
While all the world is running around
with their busy lives in busy towns we can love beneath the trees that grow towards the sky
we could touch the lives of those we meet shake their hands and wash their feet
we could leave them to a river never running dry
never running dry
Track Name: Memories & Rum
Throwback the poison that dark concoction medicine for the
trouble that sweet confection another lesson unlearned
colors of red and blue in my head
the aftertaste is spinning
the stars in their orbit upside down turning world
someone pick me up I'm stranded I'm stuck I'm dancing I'm drunk on memories and rum Who pushed me down the stairwell of love well I say I fell on purpose
the stars shining harder
now I say it was a murder
pour me another double it brother
I've got a story bitter
empty my wallet I'll be a broken record
Track Name: Close Enough
Tuesday night I'm on the road stuck without a radio
So my thoughts are almost audible screaming turn around and go back home
The gates that guard my fragile mind are open like the neon sign
That is heavy hanging over me
As I approach the tinted doors to let the carnal beast explore
On the finite possibilities for pleasure
Thursday on the interstate I told my friends I was running late
But the billboard seems to call my name
Saying merge into the exit lane
There I saw a fantasy that scared of the pleasure out of me
And along with it my dignity
If feeling got me into this then feeling is my nemesis

Get me out of here I've taken what was offered and it's not enough
To fill me up
I'm a stranger here I thought that I belonged but this is not my love
it's not enough

This kind of thing is a replacement for something missing
Something close enough to feel alive
The moth is trapped inside the basement incandescence keeps him close enough to slowly die
For something close enough to feel alive
Track Name: Northbound
Northbound on Highways southbound in the sky
I give my voice a way to busy passersby down A Carolina Road with sidewalks red leaf dyed
Falling from the trees down to the rhythms of my feet
My eyes have seen the glory of a gravid Georgia moon
She hung so low that I could sing to her a tune
She kissed my face she came and went I doubt I'll ever find a light like hers again
The sadness of the winter wind whistles through my mind
I'm crossing South Virginias Danville County line
I could not Whistle out a sad song if I tried
So I whistle on the drive and I feel happier inside
But when I sing the song is sad
I'd sing for joy if you could put it in my hat
I played an evening in the city that doesn't sleep
I saying a melody and I strummed them something sweet
They closed their eyes and listen silently to me
And I snuck out while they dreamed into the busy Brooklyn Street
My lips have kissed the liquor in my mouth has held the beer
But never have I been as drunk as when love holds me near
She pays the tab she calls the cab
She is the strongest drink I think I've ever had
I give my voice a way to friends here at the show
Out here on main street in my Gainesville city home
How many miles are we and how long is the Road
I don't know

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